The Hate Towards Laptop DJs Continues

Today, a dear friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) posted this on Facebook.

I admit, it’s hilarious.   Still, I detect player hating.  Laptop DJs have it easier than vinyl folks.  Laptop DJs don’t need to carry loads of heavy records.   All of the laptop DJ’s  music is either on the light-weight laptop or a light-weight external hard drive.  Also, laptop DJs don’t have to bend over and dig for records during sets.  All they have to do is type some words and presto!  Their chosen song appears.

Apparently, many folks are also ignorant about laptop DJing.  Many laptop DJs, me included, follow the same procedures as vinyl people.  They follow the four beats rule, the following song should be no more than four beats faster or slower than the current song.  They also change the song’s tempo just like the vinyl people.

Another thing about that shirt:  Any woman shallow enough to choose equipment over skills is someone I can do without.

It’s amazing how folks look down on laptop DJs.  Yet, expect us to posses every damned song recorded.  If we don’t have it, we’re expected to go online for it.   I guess the excuse is laptop DJs are not considered real DJs.

Here’s more pics I found:

What’s more important?  Worrying about jealous DJs and their groupies?  Or inspiring the booties to shake?   You be the judge.

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