DJ Nigel John Funks Spacebar!

Last night, showing support for DJ Nigel John,  the automobile and  I cruised to Spacebar.

DJ Nigel John

Located in Orlando’s Milk District, Spacebar is a small art gallery and bar.   Also, Spacebar and neighboring business’s location behind the T.G. Lee Dairy building inspired the name “Milk District”.

I rarely come here.  I think the last time I visited these parts  was about six months ago.  An art event I attended was happening.

In Spacebar, Nigel was vinyl-mixing classic soul and funk.  Not many people were here.  Yet, the vibe still grooved positively.   A few folks even danced.

Known for good taste in music, Nigel digs up classic jams a person hadn’t heard in years.  He got me with “I Need A Freak” by Sexual Harassment, a song I hadn’t heard sine the heydays of the jheri curl.

I was going to take pictures, but I forgot to put a memory card in my camera.

Another thing I enjoyed about Nigel:  Unlike other Djs, he played the WHOLE DAMNED SONG!!!  I thought my disliking current mixing trends was a generational thing.  Thought I was a forty-something out of touch with the times.  Thought I was too old-school.  Yet, I found out some twenty-somethings want to hear the WHOLE DAMNED SONG too.

I’ve known Nigel since 1989.  Out of all the club heads I’ve known, he was the only one who eventually became a DJ.   Any recent music trends and Nigel would know about it.


It’s been over a year since I witnessed his mixing.   Tonight I was glad I took time out and witnessed it again.

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