Friday Night Barhopping (with a touch of culture)

Last Friday, the automobile and I cruised to Downtown Sanford, Florida.

First I visited The Palette, an art gallery and cafe.   There I witnessed my friend Erica McLain’s excellent singing voice.

As she sung Sade’s “No Ordinary Love”, Erica’s alto voice reminded me of Roberta Flack.

Before she sung a Jill Scott song (I think it was “He Loves Me”), Erica’s husband suggested she sing without the mic.  Truth be known, the mic did take away the richness of her voice.

When Erica performed as suggested, I felt my emotions move.  Yep, she’s that damned good.

Erica sings at The Palette Friday and Saturday nights.

After The Palette, I walked to Fat Rat’s Lounge.  Rarely is the place crowded.  Yet, because of the good service, I always have a nice time here.

During my second Long Island Iced Tea, I walked outside where others were.

After finishing my Long Island, I headed to West End.

The Fubars: These dudes played an excellent version of a Cure song.  I think it was “Just Like Heaven” they played.

The dude among the ladies is my buddy, Hollywood.  Play classic hip hop or funk?  This mofo immediately jumps to the dance floor.

The young lady on the far right is Caley.   After some dudes knocked over my DJ gear during a fight,  Caley helped me set up again.

My last stop was Little Fish-Huge Pond.

Yep, this is exactly how people drink draft beer sometimes, from a jelly jar.

Megan Shutz: Her photography was featured tonight.

It appears as if Caley decided to come to Little Fish too.

As I go out photographing, some people ask for a photo with me.  Chris, the guy on the left, is singer Erica McLain’s brother-in-law.  When I wear my black fedora, some folks say I resemble Wyclef.

I didn’t see many people out tonight.   Bars like West End wasn’t packed as usual.  Yet, that didn’t stop me from having a good time.

Many of the Downtown Sanford people tend to be laid-back and friendly.   True enough, rednecks and other idiots exist here.   Yet, if one focuses on having a good time, a good time one will have.

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