Another Photo Tour of Downtown Orlando’s Nite Life

Last Saturday night, I took another photo tour through Downtown Orlando.   Unlike my last stroll, I took my Canon Rebel with me.

Not wanting to pay for parking, I parked at a parking meter.

After 6PM and on Sundays, parking at the meters are free.   On Friday and Saturday nights, these spots fill up quick.

As someone who has been doing this for years, a funny feeling nagged me.  Yet, I avoided it and started walking.

First I walked to Church Street.

Bliss: Between 1988 to 1996, I hung here when it was Phineas Phoggs.

These stairs lead into Bliss.

During the Phineas Phoggs days, some Latin dudes and me tried to sneak in through this way.  The game plan was this:  One dude enters the legit way.  Eighteen dollars earned you an annual pass.  Yet, none us had a pass, except the dude who went inside.  The inside dude was supposed to open the backdoor for the rest of us.

We got busted.

Then, as we ran off, the white male manager of the place began yelling racial slurs at the Latin dudes.

Amway Center: Home of the Orlando Magic, and where I recently witnessed a Sade performance.

Next, I turned around and walked back towards where I came from.

After Church Street, I headed to NV. 

Last time I was here, the bartender kept my change.  No big deal.  Shit happens.  After reminding her about my change, I got my whole dollar back.  As you can tell in the following pic, I had a better time.

They had a special.  $2.50 for some beer I forgot.

Unexpectedly, friends walked in.

Thomas: I’ve known him for almost two decades.  Also, he acted in a one-act play I wrote.

Jagger Bowie:  No, that ain’t her real name.  Not only did her and I both attend Lake Howell High School, her mother taught me history.  Jagger Bowie is also a DJ.

After some moments of chatting, Thomas invited me to follow them to Matador.

Joseph Martens and Nicholas:  Joseph is a local musician.  Nicholas is a dude I’ve seen around Orlando for years.

Lizzie: Jagger Bowie’s sister.

Jagger Bowie and Me.

Photo by Lizzie Siak

After Matador, we went our separate ways.

Next, I headed to Blank Space.

An event called The Cool Out was happening, a night involving hip hop and Latin music.

Hector Garcia:  With his wife Kristina, he runs Post Renaissance.  If I have it right, they print t-shirts and banners.

Abdias Ernesto Garcia: A local musician I ran across before.  At a show where I read poetry, he performed with his own band.

As much as I enjoyed the vibe (a damned good one), I walked the streets again.

Next, I headed to Cleo’s, a joint where my friend DJ BMF rocks the house.

BMF had a good mix of hip hop and soul music going.  After shaking his hand, I photographed the scenery.

After one beer, it was to the streets again.

Vain: Nice name for a club isn’t it?   I don’t know what the hell was going on.  Yet, notice the cop on the far right.

My last stop was Eye Spy.

I didn’t stay long.

Soon, I headed back to the automobile.

Remember that strange feeling I had about the parking meter?

The car parked next to me was broken into.  The owner wouldn’t let me photograph the broken window.  I ain’t mad at him.  Yet, I wanted to show proof of Downtown Orlando’s crime.

Ten years ago, the same thing happened to me.  Some fucker broke into my car’s passenger window and stole the CD player resting on the seat.

On a Friday or Saturday night, I would advise paying for parking.  At least, for most of the time, the parking attendant is present for security.

I got in the auto and drove off.

Tonight, I had a better time in Downtown Orlando.   I still think a Friday or Saturday night here is  too expensive.  Just like my friend Ed said: Gas, parking, entry fee and drink prices add up quick!   Yet, I still can’t resist Downtown Orlando’s eye candy.

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