Broke-Ass Friday: 90s Night

Despite the evening’s 90s theme, no one dressed up in 90s fashion.  Nobody even attempted the grunge look.  Being this is Summertime  Florida, it was just too damned hot anyway.

Like past Broke-Ass Fridays, all-you-can-drink PBR draft for ten dollars was the special.

For my new readers, Broke-Ass Fridays takes place the first Friday of the month.  Due to rent and mortgage payments, everyone is usually broke this time of the month, inspiring the name Broke-Ass Fridays.

In the  night’s beginning, friends started showing up.


DJ Spank and date:  Spank spun music during past events I hosted.


Mack Daddy and wife.  (Yea, I’m bad with names again.   And I knew this couple for years.):    Mack Daddy is a local poet.  His wife sings at a local art gallery.


At first, I played mostly rock, music like Pearl Jam and Spin Doctors.  Later on, I played mostly hip-hop and dance, including the jams “Rump Shaker” and “Poison”.  As I mixed the music, I continued photographing patrons.

When I first started DJing at this spot, I used to plug my laptop into the sound system located behind the bar counter.  The following photos show how I saw patrons for a long time.


I used to hook my system up to an outside speaker.

Because patrons complained about loudness, I stopped doing it.    The sound is louder outside than inside.   When I turn the music down to an acceptable sound for the outside, the sound on the inside is too low.   This head-ache forced me to stop hooking up the speaker.

Tonight someone wanted to hear it.   So, I connected my system to the outside speaker again.

Needless to say, the party was outside too.

As folks enjoyed themselves, a white twenty-something  female wearing a black t-shirt walked up to me.  On the shirt was the name of the band, Reel Big Fish.   I didn’ t think anything of it yet.   I  remembered the band being an all-white, punk-ska band.  Also, I remembered ska originating from Jamaica, a predominately black country.  Still, I thought nothing of the young lady’s shirt.

“Are the DJ?” she asked.

“Yea,” I answered.

“You need to play better music.”

“What do you want to hear?  It’s 90s night.”

As I’m doing my mix, she writes down the Beastie Boys.   I wasn’t annoyed.  I just noticed the irony.  She had the audacity to tell me to play better music.  And what is her choice in music?  All-white bands that play “black” music.  Some folks just do not know how ignorant they look.

I went back to my mix.

Photographed by Joshua Hull


Also, I went back to photographing people.

I usually have my laptop resting on top of a stereo receiver.  As heat inside the receiver builds, so does the heat inside the laptop.  When the laptop gets too hot, it automatically turns off, exactly what happened  tonight.  THE DAMNED THING TURNED OFF!!!

After that happening twice in the past, a person would assume I learned not to do that.  Well,…now I do.

Soon, I got things working and began playing “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.  After that, I played Juvenile’s “Back That Ass Up”.   (Isn’t he getting too old to call himself “Juvenile”?  Just sayin’.)

Of course, things got wild.


After my gig, I followed some folks to Denny’s.  Because folks enjoyed previous no-flash photography, I did it again.  Pushed the ISO to its highest setting and began clicking.  In my case, the ISO was 1600.

After a cheap meal, I headed home.

Tonight was the most successful Broke-Ass Friday.  More and more, it keeps building.

Personally, being African-American myself,  I wish more black folks would attend.  Yet, that’s more of a problem with the town itself versus the bar’s problem.  Many black people just don’t come to Downtown Sanford at night.

Even if Broke-Ass Friday remains mostly white, I’m still happy with its rising success.

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2 Comments on “Broke-Ass Friday: 90s Night”

  1. mewithmycamera Says:

    LOL Broke Ass Fridays…every time I read it I laugh…great post

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