The Party’s Outside, Bro!

At last Tuesday’s DJ gig, due to the broke air conditioner, the party happened outside the bar.   Because of this, I aimed one of the speakers towards the open door.

As folks partied outside, the bar’s owner began hanging artwork on the wall.    Last Friday, an opening was supposed to happen…but the artist and his art didn’t show up.  Unfortunately, the artist (an African-American) happened to be a member of my racial group.  You makin’ us look bad, bruh!   So, Moire hung up art from her private collection.

Wait a minute.   What the fuck?!

A few people, like Chris, remained inside the hot building.  To give him some credit, he was sitting by the opened door.

After my gig, I followed some folks to Denny’s.

Inside, I attempted no-flash photography.    I put the the camera on 1600 ISO, its highest setting.

After our meals, some folks remained in the parking lot.  Me?  I headed home.

Tonight, I got another gig at the same place.  If another outside party happens, the camera and I will be ready for it.

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2 Comments on “The Party’s Outside, Bro!”

  1. mewithmycamera Says:

    great photos

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