Saturday Night Boozing in a Small Town

Last Saturday night,  I cruised the automobile to Downtown Sanford, Florida.   Unlike Downtown Orlando, parking is free in Downtown Sanford.

My first stop was Little Fish-Huge Pond.  The Sucio Crew hosted a party here.  Los Garcia controlled the music, mostly hip hop.  In the below pic, you’ll see a green bucket containing the word “tips”.    That’s my creation used for my own DJ nights here.

Chris and Moire:  Chris is El Presidente of the Sucio Crew.   Moire is the owner of Little Fish.

Because Little Fish only serves beer and wine, some members of the Sucio Crew decided to walk around the block to The West End, a full liquor bar.

The West End usually have live bands.  Tonight it had two DJs, DJ Code Blue and ill Gil.

Also, The West End crowd usually contains twenty to early thirty-somethings.    Here you can find friendly people.

Paul Williams, owner of  The West End:  You’ll always see Paul smiling and greeting patrons.  Some nights, he would rap 90s hip hop as a musician plays the acoustic guitar.

Possessing a weakness for cute Latinas, I asked  the young lady can I photograph her.  Because she was camera shy, El Presidente posed with her.

After two drinks, the crew headed back to Little Fish.

A few minutes later, I walked outside.   The young lady in the following pic frequents my DJ nights.  This was the first time I noticed the tattoo on her chest.

Afterwards, I walked to The Wet Spot, a bar with a controversial name.   An older crowd hangs here.   At this spot, folks can be friendly too.  In the past, I saw a wet t-shirt competition here.

The DJ and his girl (I guessed she was):  I never knew the DJ’s name.  Yet, he always has a smile and plays the latest jams.

The DJ’s brother and the bar back.   The brother always call me Wyclef.

The booze can be cheap at The Wet Spot.  For a Bud Light draft, I paid $2.50.    After two of those, I headed back to Little Fish for one more beer.

Truth be known,compared to bigger cities, Downtown Sanford isn’t the most glamorous night spot in the world.  Unlike bigger cities, only a few bars in Downtown Sanford attempt catering to the “upscale” crowd.  Also, if you love the sight of huge urban buildings, you won’t find it here.  Yet,  a night in this small town still beats high-priced parking and expensive drinks. The parking is free and drinks are cheap.  Also, in almost every establishment there’s no cover fee.

As for the eye candy?  You’ll find it.  You just have to know where to look.

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