Death Metal and a Bruce Campbell Look-A-Like

Last Tuesday’s DJ gig at Little Fish turned interesting.  I guess “interesting” would be the appropriate word.

First, some dudes taped Toasty upside-down to a street post.

One of the culprits was the guy in the blue shirt, a soldier just returning from Iraq.

Looking at him now, dude resembles actor Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness.

Teresa, Teressa and Yazmin:  They didn’t  cause any problems.  I just like how this pic turned out.

As the evening went on, two guys kept requesting death metal all night.  I didn’t mind the music.  Yet, all DAMNED NIGHT they request it?

Some folks complained.

“Start requesting songs then,” I said.

Usually, when some folks make song requests, they tip me.   Tonight everybody was broke, meaning no song requests and no tip money.

Truth be known, tipping is not a huge requirement for me.   I only wish that for people who keep requesting songs all night, like the death metal dudes.

Before they left, one death metal guy did tip me.  In my tip bucket, he left a HUGE WHOPPING THIRTY CENTS!!!

I hope I didn’t break the guy.

Instead of fiction writing, it may be wise to just stick with journalism. Or whatever you call my style of writing.  Some of this shit, you just can’t make up.

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3 Comments on “Death Metal and a Bruce Campbell Look-A-Like”

  1. greysqrl Says:

    30 cents. Bank it!

  2. […] she’s referring to a night when some dudes kept asking for death metal all night. True enough, that did piss people […]

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