A Surrealistic Remix

Back in 1992, I began reading poetry at Yab Yum, a Downtown Orlando coffee house.

In 1995, I became the host of the Tuesday night poetry readings.

1n 1997, the nights moved next door to Go Lounge, a place owned by Yab Yum’s owners.

Starting in 1998, the poetry nights moved from place to place all over Central Florida. Eventually, it settled at Will’s Pub, where it still goes on.

In 2002, I stopped hosting poetry.

Also, I think around this time, Yab Yum Inc. closed its doors for good.

One of the owners,  Barrie Freeman moved to Volusia County, a forty minute drive from Orlando.

Last Wednesday, with employees from her restaurant, Barrie visited my DJ gig.

“I always thought you were a poet,” she said.

“I didn’t become a DJ until a year ago,” I said.

With Barrie present, the night became surrealistic.  You see, my resident gig resembles Yab Yum, a small place catering to local artists.   Just like Yab Yum, local artwork hangs on the walls.  (In the following photo, this is actually the ladies’ bathroom wall.)

Also just like at Yab Yum,  eclectic individuals come to my current spot, Little Fish-Huge Pond.

As the night went on, the Little Fish regulars started putting on hats and wigs.

Barrie and her crew began leaving around 1 AM.

“When are you here?” she asked.

“Tuesday and Wednesdays,” I said.

“We’ll back,” she said as she hugged me.

Sometimes, it’s funny how the past mixes into current times, almost reminds of how some DJs remix old tunes  into something new.  I enjoyed tonight’s remix.  I hope I witness another one soon.

Barrie and me (Photo by Dustin Gioertz)

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