Another Night at The Peacock Room

Last Sunday, I did another DJ gig at The Peacock Room.   Despite the low attendance, folks still had fun.


Before setting up my equipment, these three were already having fun.  They were grooving to the music being played off someone’s phone, a phone hooked up to the bar’s sound system.


Brett J.  Barr decided to play imaginary golf.    Brett is a local Orlando artist.


I forgot the name of the guy on the left.  In the middle is Phil, one of the bartenders.  On the right is Heidi.  Not only is she a local artist, Heidi also organizes local events.


Mindy.  It was with Mindy that I found out the camera was set to 1 plus exposure.  In other words, the camera made some white people look really white.  With Mindy, I fixed it.  (Somewhat.)


The night took a real interesting turn.  These three had been boozing and dancing until the one on the car and the one on the ground fell on a table.  At the urging of the patrons, I followed them outside with my camera.  The one in the white went back inside and asked for a cigarette.  Being the kind person she is, Mindy gave her one.


Brett and Bea.  I think they just met that night.


Bea was the only person who actually danced.  Everyone else either nodded their heads or danced in their seats.


Over the years, I’ve seen this guy with sexy younger women.   Even though I really don’t ask for it at The Peacock Room, he tipped me.


I don’t know about all.  Yet, I do know at least one of the ladies was  a visitor from New York.


In two weeks, I go back to The Peacock Room.



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2 Comments on “Another Night at The Peacock Room”

  1. Carlos Says:

    Hey, what’s your setup? do you carry your own sound or the house has sound…

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