Late Night Dining

After a DJ gig one night, I drove to a local Burger King, one in which the lobby stays open 24 hours.  I noticed a small car entering the drive-thru.  I think it was a Honda.   Hell, I don’t know cars.

I heard a voice call my name.

The car pulled out of the drive-thru and pulled up to me.

Inside was Alex, a young Latino I recognized from my nights at Little Fish-Huge Pond.  He doesn’t speak much.  Yet, he’s always friendly.  Being a sound expert, he once gave me pointers on the system I use at Little Fish.

I invited him to eat with me.

Sometimes after a gig, I used to either eat at Denny’s or Steak-N-Shake.  Now, I mostly eat at 24 hour, fast food restaurants.   Versus Denny’s and Steak-N-Shake, fewer people go to fast food joints at night.  Many years of listening to drunk people in Denny’s and Steak-N-Shake has worked on my last nerves.  Some drunk people have even disturbed me when I was trying to read.   Also, I don’t have to tip a waitress in a fast food joint.

At our table, Alex asked did I have another job besides my DJ gigs.

“This is it,” I said.  “After close to 14 years, Wal-Mart fired me for tardiness.  Never was written up for it.  Yet, I got fired.  All I do now is DJ.”

Through conversation, I found out Alex was a Puerto Rican from New Jersey.   If I remember it right, with family, he moved here to Florida in his teens.  Right now, he’s in his early twenties.

Charlie and Alex

Also, I found out we had something in common.  Both of us are night owls, explaining why I saw Alex this time of night in a Burger King drive-thru.

As we talked and ate, three more people showed up, two white dudes and a woman who looked either biracial or Latin.  The two white dudes I knew.  A guy with dreadlocks was Jerry.  I forgot the name of the guy with short brown hair.  Both I knew from Orlando and Sanford.

The dude with short brown hair asked about my traveling to Sanford and Orlando, a great distance to travel for gigs.

“When I’m in Sanford for two days, I live with relatives,” I said.  “Mostly, I live in Orlando.”

Soon Alex and I finished our meals and headed for the exit.

It’s nice to know other night owls.   At least I know I ain’t the only freak owning a nocturnal condition.

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