The Perks of being a DJ

Normally, I don’t play my Funky Lounge mix on Wednesday nights.  Yet, I decided to play it to an early crowd anyway.

An early crowd.

Right off the bat, as they drunk beer at the bar counter, two  women complemented the music.

About a half later, two more women entered the bar. As they both looked late thirties, they also looked white trash. Their hair looked greasy.  Also, the clothes they both wore appeared to be washed over and over until the colors faded.

Two white guys were already sitting on some sofas, two sofas that faced one another.  After buying their drinks, one of the women sat next to one of the guys.

I’m not an expert in this arena.  Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard the guy the woman sat next to engaged in man-on-man lovemaking.

Soon the two guys left.

Next, after one drink, the two white trash women began to leave too.  Before leaving, they exchanged words with the two women at the bar counter.

“Excuse me, “ I heard a voice say.

I knew who it was. Yet, I was in the middle of mixing one song to the next.

“Excuse me,” I heard again.

I looked at the woman who had sat next to the guy.

“Change the music,” she demanded.

“What do you want to hear?” I said.

“I don’t know. Not this,” she said.

I’ve been through this before, drunk women not telling me what they want.   Also, I’ve experienced not-all-that attractive women looking down on me as if I was beneath them.

“That ain’t helping me,” I said.

“See that girl sitting outside the window,” she said.


Yazmin and Red

She was referring to Red, a young lady who colors her hair bright red.

“Play what she would like,” said the woman.

“I don’t take requests like that,” I said.

I heard no more from her.  What was she going to do?  Tell the owner?

I guess some people see a DJ like they see a retail store employee, someone to walk over.  Yet, they don’t realize some DJs can cuss them out and get away with it.  Unlike a retail store employee, it’s hard to replace a decent DJ.  Especially one that brings the bar or club money.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not advocating cussing out patrons.  Continually doing that and a DJ will definitely get fired. Still, unlike a retail store employee, many DJs aren’t required to kiss ass.  Any bar or club owner requiring that is someone who shouldn’t own a bar or club in the first place.

That’s why I’m beginning to love DJing more and more.  Unlike a “real” job, most of the times, I don’t have to kiss ass.

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One Comment on “The Perks of being a DJ”

  1. Jason Tkatschenko Says:

    nice story, i’m 12 and i’m doing a report on DJ’s I can’t wait to be a real DJ!

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