Voodoo Jam 3

Last Friday’s event evolved from a misunderstanding.   What I thought was going to happen last Friday actually happens this upcoming Friday.   Because a band wasn’t scheduled anyway, the owner allowed me to DJ that night.

Last summer, I stared calling some of my Friday nights “Voodoo Jam”.    “Borrowing” imagery from the Internet, I created this poster for it.



Because we didn’t have a theme for last Friday, it was called Voodoo Jam again.

When he first came in, Ed started working on a project involving cutting and pasting.

After that, he started boozing like everyone else.

That’s Rebeka on the left, a Little Fish- Huge Pond regular.  One night, when hanging with her boyfriend, she complemented my chill music mix.

Some of these guys in the following pic are members of the Sucio Crew, a group of Latinos who chill together.  No, it ain’t a fuckin’ gang.  It’s just a group of friends.   The dude holding the shirt is Chris.  Big dude on the right is Tony 2 Guns.  Don’t let the image fool you.  Not only is Tony one of the most nicest guys ever, he’s also a gifted singer.

Rachel and Los Garcia.  To gain interesting party pics, just add booze.


Towards the end of the night, I decided to film Anna Molly dancing.    That ends this blog.   Enjoy the video.


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