Another Chill Tuesday Event

Again, I spun chill music at Little Fish, Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida.

During my set, I played an instrumental jazz version of Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction”.   The Asian beauty in the following pic recognized the song and smiled at me.

Shaun flicking a bird.  Right back at you, bro.

Harry and Toasty behind the bar.  Harry, the guy on the left, is the owner’s son.

Teresa and her dad.  A wonderful performer, Teresa plays guitar and writes her own music.  Her dad appreciated my music choice.

Around 10 or 10:30, I changed the music to rock, dance and hip-hop.  Chill music was never  intended to be played all night.

Folks started playing Ice.  When someone hands you a Smirnoff Ice, you get down on one knee and drink it.

Some people, like the woman on the right, refused getting on down on one knee.

Don’t ask me how Toasty wound up in this position.   I guess alcohol got the best of some people.

Towards the end of the night, there was a toast.

Looking at these photos makes me wish I had started DJing earlier in life.

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5 Comments on “Another Chill Tuesday Event”

  1. madryy Says:

    That’s nice. 😛

  2. mewithmycamera Says:

    your friend giving the middle finger reminds me of a post I saw on flickr, check it out
    Los Cubanos - One Unfriendly Cuban

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