Two Nights At The Peacock Room

Last Sunday, it was another DJ gig at the Peacock Room.  Again, I was sitting at the end of the counter.  In the bottom right of the photo, one can see part of my equipment.

The two guys in the next photo recognized me for spoken-word.  Fascinated with the female cutie, I photographed them.  Of course, I didn’t let on why I wanted to.

Joe, one of the bartenders, playing chess.  I’ve known Joe for almost six years.

Again, some dude I’ve known years decided to pick a drunken fight.   He claimed the woman he was with wasn’t his girlfriend.  Yet, when he saw the guy in the following photo talking to her, he wanted to fight the man.

The guy refused to get in a conflict.   Then, Joe kicked the fight-starter out.

Clockwise from the top: Brendan, Jen and Andrew Spear.  Andrew is a nationally known artist.  His mural appears in the current “Real World” episodes.

After forgetting my camera, the next night I returned to The Peacock Room to retrieve it.  An art opening was happening.   I ran into to Andrew and Jen.  Behind the three people in the second photo, one would see the artist’s work.

Cake, the artist.  I recognized him from my high school days at Lake Howell, located in Winter Park, Fl.

Happy to have my camera back.  I decided to have some fun.  I’m not a breast man.  Yet, I couldn’t resist photographing this.

Another photo-op I couldn’t resist.


With my camera ready, I am anxious for my next gig.


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