The Hip-Hop Lovin’ Bikers

Last night , I deejayed an event named Broke-Ass Saturday.  Because the first of the month is rent and mortgage time, many people are broke during this week, inspiring the name Broke-Ass Saturday.

Around 10 PM, the bar was already nearly packed.  I started with songs from the seventies and eighties.  A few people danced, mostly white folks aged late thirties and up.

Believe it or not, some bikers love hip-hop.

Then around 11, I hosted a trivia game.  The prizes were cheap shit I bought from both the dollar store and grocery store.  First, I started rewarding people with small pudding packages.  Then, I moved up to a fifty cent,  fish statue and a one dollar, wooden box containing coasters.  On both the cover of the wooden box and coasters existed a map of the Caribbean.

After the trivia game, I played more music.  During this time, folks started requesting a lot of rock music.  I don’t mind rock.  Yet, too much of one thing ruins the party.

As rock music played, bikers and their women began entering the place.   Most of them looked between ages thirty-five to forty-five.   Bikers they were, but gang members they weren’t.   None of them wore colors indicating gang membership.

After they got some brew in them, some of the bikers started requesting nineties hip-hop, my favorite hip-hop decade.   Many requests involved Biggie including songs “Machine Gun Funk”  and “Ready To Loot”.  Also, I played Raekwon’s “Ice-cream” and Busta Rhyme’s “Gimme Some More.”

As these songs played, the bikers danced and rapped along with the lyrics.  Usually, when I think of white bikers, I think of rednecks listening to country and rock music.  Tonight’s crew smashed that stereotype to smithereens.  As I played a Ray Charles tune, one biker even  put on some shades and jumped on the bar’s piano.  He didn’t actually play the piano.  He just lip-synced and pretended to play.

The fun went by too quick.  I sneaked in 2 Live Crew’s “We Want Some Pussy” before the night ended.   Then at 2:30, it was over.  Time for people to go home before the cops start with some bullshit.

In this small Southern town (Sanford, Florida), the cops will do just that.  One night at this very same spot, I’ve witnessed this in action.  Seeing that everyone was not out at 2:30, a cop started hassling the owner.

Because Broke-Ass Saturday was a success, it will now be a monthly event.  Yet, instead of holding it the first Saturday of the month,  the night will be changed to the first Friday.  Thus naming it Broke-Ass Friday.

When it comes to my gigs, I don’t care who shows up.  As long as they’re having a good time and ain‘t starting trouble, I’m happy.

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2 Comments on “The Hip-Hop Lovin’ Bikers”

  1. Max Says:

    That was epic Stone, it sounds surreal. Props for dropping 2Live Crew, I wouldve paid money to see that.

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